Retired football player starts UEFA C as Assistant Manager

Lauren Cheshire warming-up against Cheltenham in 2022.

LAUREN Cheshire has been accepted onto the upcoming UEFA C course, having been appointed Assistant Manager at Southampton Women’s FC at the end of September.

Cheshire was forced to retire from her playing career after breaking her arm against Keynsham Town in February.

She firstly became a designated Player Liaison for the First Team for the remainder of the 2022/23 season.

The former right-back has fifteen years of playing experience, which has given her a great expanse of knowledge, that she will be able to pass on to help nurture young players.

“Communication has always been something of mine, where I’m very loud and passionate about the game,” Cheshire said.

“I feel like I hold a lot of empathy for my players and I want to protect them at all times.”

Cheshire has played for Santa Clarita Blue Heat, Brighton, Chichester City and Southampton.

During her time at Chi, she also represented England in beach soccer.

Upon her appointment in her new role, Cheshire will travel to Gunnersbury Park to undertake the beginning stage of acquiring a UEFA C license.

“[I was] so excited when I got the email. I was over the moon. It’s something that I definitely [will] look forward to.”

Alongside Manager Jamie Lloyd Davies, Cheshire has seen three wins, two draws and one loss since her appointment.

“It’s a lot more emotional now, after a game I can’t sleep because I couldn’t have an impact. It’s definitely a tough transition.”

Cheshire has always been a leader off the pitch, and was awarded captaincy in her time as a Siren.

It seems only fitting that her influence has since transcended into a managerial role.

She said, “I thought it was an easy transition from one to the other, but I think I ultimately always did want to be a manager or a coach.”

“Now [that] I’m on that journey, it’s quite scary, but I couldn’t imagine my life without football.”

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