Referee mistake causes outrage in Manchester City fan base

AS Manchester City look upon their last three games in the Premier League which all ended in draws, there will be many mixed reviews from fans on how it looks.

On one hand they played three of the so called ‘Top Six’ and took three hard earned three points away from very difficult fixtures.

On the other hand with the winning machine we have learned about over the last year and the only team to match what Sir Alex Fergurson’s Manchester United did by winning the league three times in a row and a treble on top of a couple other premier leagues under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, drawing three games in a row is something that us as fans of the Premier League are not used to.

The man made machine that is Manchester City are known by everyone with an association to the Premier League to win a record number of points, games or trophies.

So to see a team that won their first Champions League last season on top of already winning the FA Cup and the Premier League for a third straight year to drop six points in three games as well as be out the League cup and already have two losses in the league this season comes as a huge shock.

However, many city fans believe that the outcome vs Tottenham Hotspurs could have been different if referee Simon Hooper hadn’t had blown his whistle when Jack Grealish was through on goal in the last minute.

With the game level at 3-3 Grealish had a ball played over the top by Erling Haaland, however the referee blew his whistle for a foul on Haaland despite him giving the signal to play advantage.

This decision had the fans outraged but however city will be looking to bounce back on Wednesday when they Play Aston Villa away at Villa Park.