Former Olympic gymnast back home in ‘recovery mode’ after life scare.

Mary Lou Retton performing a handstand

OLYMPIC gold medallist Mary Lou Retton is home from hospital after fighting for her life in intensive care.

The former champion spent almost two weeks in intensive care after contracting a rare form of pneumonia.

The 55-year old’s family had revealed earlier this month that Retton was ‘fighting for her life’ in hospital and unable to breathe on her own.

Shaley Kelley Schrepfer, the oldest of Retton’s four daughters, has said on Instagram that she is in ‘recovery mode’.

She also said: “We still have a long road of recovery ahead of us, but baby steps,

“We are overwhelmed with the love and support from everyone. Grateful doesn’t scrape the surface of the posture of our hearts.”

A fundraising page had been set up by Retton’s family after they revealed that she had no medical insurance.

To date there have been over 8300 donations totalling $460,000.

Schrepfer thanked everyone for their support on social media.

“Thank you Jesus, thank you doctors and nurses, thank you to this loving community of support,”

Retton became the first American woman to win the all-around gold at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 when she was just 16 years of age.