Ballon Snore: Messi tipped to win for the 8th time

Erling Haaland in the training ground doing kick ups

With the Ballon Dor coming up next Monday, everyone’s wondering who’s going to take it this year. Will it be Lionel Messi winning his 8th or will Erling Haaland win his first?

The odds are in favour of the Argentinian winning it with claiming that he has a 1/9 chance of getting yet another Ballon Dor.

This is largely because of his incredible run at the World cup where he led his nation all the way to victory as well as winning the Golden ball.

But not to forget Haaland has had one of the best seasons a striker could have with the Norwegian breaking numerous records.

In fact not just numerous records in a single season he beat a whooping 26 records. What more does he need to do to win?

On his first season at Manchester City he made the premier league, said by many the hardest league in the world look easy by scoring a whopping 36 goals, the highest amount of goals a player has scored in a premier league season.

Not only did he win individual awards he won the treble for Manchester City something that not many players can say they have done in their career.

If Erling Haaland played for a top 5 nation this wouldn’t even be a debate.

Norway are a good side who have bright promising players such as the likes of Martin Odegard and Alexander Sorloth but unfortunately they just can’t compete internationally putting Haaland to a big disadvantage.

A fan vote held in France showing who the people think should win the Ballon Dor on Monday.

Football fans are rampaged about Messi’s odds being so high to win. Some have said that if Lionel Messi won this would be one of the biggest robberies ever in the sport and I can’t say I disagree.