Young local athlete training for his first MMA fight

MICKEL Young has started training for his up-and-coming charity fight on December 10th.

After playing basketball as his main sport where he played for the Solent Kestrels, he has now taken up MMA.

The 19-year-old’s first fight is for a charity event, his chosen charity is Great Ormand Street Hospital which will help young people get a second chance.

Young explains why he chose this one: “I think kids deserve a second chance, so I want to fight for them.”

As Young was a basketball player his diet has changed quite a bit, while he played basketball he didn’t pay attention to his diet at all.

His transition to MMA has showed him that this sport has a lot more high intensity so to change his diet it would be beneficial so he can perform better.

He said: “While I was playing basketball I didn’t really pay attention to diet, I was just eating whatever I wanted really. I personally think MMA is more high intensity, constant pressure most of the time, so I had to make sure I have healthy whole-foods in my diet and not to eat rubbish otherwise I’ll get tired in the ring.”

The fighter is also in college studying to become a nurse, so he juggles his training schedule around his night shifts at the hospital.