What’s harder: a hole-in-one, a nine-darter or a 147 snooker break

15 red snooker balls and one black ball on a snooker table

THE hole-in-one, the 147 break and the nine-darter are considered the most difficult feats in their respective sports, only completed by athletes at the top of their game.

After Luke Littler’s entrance onto the world stage, the question arose, as to which sporting achievement is the most difficult?

To complete a nine-darter, you have to achieve a 501 finish in just nine darts, the most common way of doing this is by scoring seven treble twenties, a treble 19 and the iconic double 12 finish.

This feat is difficult to perform as only 474 perfect legs of darts have been completed in the PDC since 1996.

Speaking on how difficult a nine darter is former Hampshire darts player Richard Lewin said: “You see them quite frequently.

“When you get to the higher levels of darts leagues you will see a lot of nine-darters.”

The second element of the unicorn challenge is completed by performing a 147 break, without leaving the snooker table.

This means a player has to pot 15 reds and 15 blacks in a row, followed by the remaining colours.

In total 199 maximum breaks have been completed in professional snooker, with legend Steven Davis managing the first in 1982.

The only known person to have completed all three is snooker player Shaun Murphy.

The final challenge is the hole in one, which is completed by hitting the ball straight in the cup from the tee.

On average there are 1.23 holes in one, per PGA Tour event, with the odds of completing one being 67 million to one.

However, the oldest golfer to perform a hole in one was 103 years old, proving that it is possible for anyone, at any age to complete some of the challenge.