Visiting Hampshire’s biggest table tennis club!

According to the Sporting Club website, table tennis doesn’t even make it in the top 10 most popular sports in the United Kingdom.

We went to Waterside, a table tennis club in Totton, to see why table tennis is underrated and whether the sport is growing or decreasing in popularity.

Jared, a 17 year old superstar talked to us about the facilities available and why he loves the sport.

Despite his young age he is already on the A team and competing in tournaments.

Colin French, the organiser and the chairman of the club talked about how he runs the club and the upcoming tournaments coming up which he was very excited about.

At waterside, they have various coaches to teach all different levels in the sport.

The club has some fascinating players who have played in the olympics and had incredible recovery stories.

On top of this, they’re an all-inclusive club as everyone is welcome to play.

Colin gave us an insight that next week, where they will have their first wheelchair player coming in.

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