The under appreciated roles at Winchester City Football Club

An image of the turnstiles at Winchester City.

WINCHESTER City FC play their football in the Southern League Premier South but they had a game cancelled this weekend due to the opposition team having an FA Trophy game.

As a result of them not having a match, a training session and media day was put in its place giving the players a chance to bond outside of football which is quite rare considering mostly all of them have other jobs and family commitments.

We took this opportunity to explore behind the scenes of the team and see what goes on to keep the heart of the club alive and running.

A team in a lower division, like Winchester, would need all the help it can get when it comes to non football related roles, so voluntary work is appreciated.

This is where Ali Henderson and Saj Rahman come in as well as many more that we did not get to speak to.

Ali has 3 important roles at the club and she works tirelessly to play her part to help Winchester keep moving forward.

She is the Director, the head of wellbeing and the manager of the bar in the clubhouse which makes her almost the unofficial heart of the club.

Saj also works extremely hard to keep the clubs social media up to date and he manages a media team of around 10 volunteers.

Anything put out on the club website, Instagram, Tik Tok or twitter will have been checked and overseen by him.

These people might not be names that are recognised by the fans as well as the likes of Jamie Barron and Craig Davies, but they are just as hard working.