The battles of professional football with Tommy Scott

Eastleigh player standing on the pitch wearing a blue jacket

Professional goalkeeper Tommy Scott reveals the struggles of maintaining a club in football.

Being a professional footballer is often thought to be the dream job by many people around the world.

However, it’s not always as smooth sailing as everyone thinks it is, especially in the lower leagues.

Eastleigh FC goalkeeper Tommy Scott has revealed, in an exclusive interview, the battles he has faced to maintain his professional status.

He said: “I got released from Yeovil, didn’t get offered a contract, then had a trial at Southampton where I signed a one year pro deal

“I represented Northern Ireland u23’s in the Euro’s qualifiers.”

The 24-year old then revealed how a major set back saw him quit football for a period of time.

“I then got released from Southampton, I had an unsuccessful trial at Pompey before I quit football for six months

“I pretty much went to square one, started playing non-league football for free, didn’t get paid or anything.”

After working his way back up the football pyramid, Scott now finds himself settled at Eastleigh where he is pushing for the number one spot in goal.

When asked what his goals for the season were, he said,

“I joined the club as a number two goalkeeper, happy to fulfil the role, but if the chance comes I want to try compete for the shirt, keep the shirt and perform well.

“I also want to push Joe (McDonnell) in training and just hope the boys can get up into the playoffs, play for promotion and hopefully I can stay here next season.”

Watch the full interview here.