Southampton 3-0 Watford: Match Report

SOUTHAMPTON added three goals to them being the third highest goal scorers in the league this season and are still just two points off top of the table after their win against Watford.

Southampton had an early chance to take the lead in just 30 seconds, the ball was played in behind on the left hand side to Jemma Purfiled who drilled the cross into the box hard and low to Sophia Pharoah but Watford defender Katie Reid cleared and the Hornets regained possession.

The Hornets had the two best chances before the lead was taken through Southampton.

Watford’s first chance came in the first 10 minutes of the game where Saints keeper Bethany Howard had to make a good stop when the cross came into the box and Lucia Leon got a good touch on her backheel but it was seen saved.

Andria Agyemang had a one on one chance in the 34th minute but Howard once again came out on top and saved it with her face – which is going to hurt in this cold weather – watford will once again feel like they have missed a huge opportunity to take the lead.

The lead was taken; with 40 minutes played, when Megan Collett put away a cross with her thigh at the back post which came from captain Lucia Kendall from the left hand side.

Saints could have doubled their league in the 43rd minute when the ball was once again played behind the Hornets defence but Katie Wilkinson put her shot wide.

The best chances for Saints in this first half has come from when they have played a ball in behind the Watford defence but have not managed to finish their chances.

Wilkinson had another chance to score in the 53rd minute but the defender Sophia Mclean beat her to the foot race and put it out for a goal kick, Saints have had all the chances since the second half had kicked off.

Watford have had their first chance of the second half with it coming minutes after Saints had tried to double their league, Coral Haines headed a cross from the back post for Agyemang to tap in a goal but it was not connected clearly and Saints clear.

After pushing for their second Pharoah finally got her goal and doubled Saints’ score in the 59th minute with a lovely goal, Purfield lifted the ball into the box for her striker and Pharoah calmy vollyed it in with the inside of her foot and it cushioned into the top corner of the net.

Watford have made an attacking change to get back into his game with Andria Georgnoll coming off and being replaced by Carly Johns.

Saints are running away with the show now, Pharoah doubled her goal tally for today’s game and put Saints 3-0 up in the 62nd minute.

Wilkonson won the ball in the middle of the pitch and played a ball in between the two Watford centre backs and Pharoah scored from outside the box and lobbed Hornet keeper Safia Middleton-Patel from 30 yards out.

All that is being played is good possession play from Watford after going 3-0 down that they have had all game, but they haven’t quite made any chances since their first two big chances in the first half which they’ll be disappointed with for not taking.

After the third goal that secured Southampton’s win, not much has played except possession football, but Saints will be happy with this three goal convincing win with their hope to get promotion.

In the six minutes that have been added there has been a clash of heads which looks nasty, Wynee is looking to be coming on for Dean who was involved in the clash.

The injury should be the last of the game with Saints running the show.

Full-time Southampton 3-0 Watford.

Southampton: Howard, Mott (Milne), Kendall (C), Rafferty, Wilkinson (Dean) (Wynne), Pharoah (Llyod-Smith), Pike, Primus (Peplow), Purfield, Collett, Peake.

Unused substitutes: Rendall, Nohasiarisoa.

Player of the Match: Pharoah.

Goals: Collett 40′, Pharoah 59′ 62′

Yellow cards: N/A

Watford: Middleton-Patel, Leon (Head), Meiwald, Mclean, Agyemange (Baptiste), Bennett (C), Georgnoll (Johns), Harbert, Wilson, Haines (Rossiter), Reid.

Unused substitutes: Laffayette, Fleming, Goldsmid, Aalisch.

Goals: N/A

Yellow cards: N/A

Referee: Megan Wilson.

Attendance: 1,851