Solent Sauce News: Saka assists Nandos with new flavours

THE South African Portuguese chicken restaurant, Nandos, and England star Bukayo Saka have combined to make a brand new sauce called Peri Peri Saka.

As a footballing food fanatic, I had to give it a taste as Bukayo himself, when speaking to the independent, has promised the new dip will be filled with “sweet, spicy and smokey” flavours.

Saka had already featured in a Nandos advert in the past and it was about time Nandos gave him the call to cook up something off the pitch.

Having heard the news that a premier league footballer had a sauce coming out, I made my was to Nandos hoping that they would have the sought after product.

They did in fact have about 10 bottles of the new sauce on the shelf and I was one of the first people in Southampton to try it.

Nandos have unveiled their new sauce today

Someone who had already tried the sauce was Nando’s worker Katie who said “I have only tried it this morning and I absolutely love it.

“I think its about time that we did something in honour of a fan and in honour of someone who represents us.

“This is the first time they have ver done a sauce and the fact that its of him (saka), I think it’s brilliant”.

James, who also works at Nandos, said he is “not a football fan at all” but he enjoyed trying the new dip.

“I personally quite like it, its not as spicy as i want but there is definitely a lot more flavour to it.

“It’s always exciting whenever we get new sauces or deserts in and i am always the first person to try them”.

The manager of Guildhall Nandos in Southampton has worked there 15 years and said this is the first time they have brought out a collaboration sauce.

Bukayo Saka has been immortaliesd on the sauce bottle

Joe Preston said this is the first time in my career that they have ever done anything like this and i think its a great appeal to the younger generation.

Saka is a big face in the uk at the moment and i think its perfect to get youger people involved and to get them to try new things in Nandos as well and coming in and just enjoying it.

I’m not new to Nandos but the news of his Saka inspired sauce drew me in as it did for Darren from South Africa who also wanted to try it.

He said “it’s delicious, lots of tang, a bit of sweetness and not too spicy.”

I tasted the sauce on 3 Nandos chicken wings and it was the perfect sauce to sum up Bukayo Saka’s playing style as It was spicy, tricky, and had a kick with some fantastic end product.

The Peri Peri Saka sauce is a limited time promo running in all Nandos restaurants around the UK so make that run down the wing and have a taste of what a professional footballer thinks makes a good sauce.

Overall, after trying the sauce, I would have it every time if I could and it would definitely get into my starting XI.

5 Stars