Sholing admit Walton fans for free after abandoned match

By Byron Goodchild

SHOLING FC hosted Waltham and Hersham after their previous fixture in December had to be abandoned due to floodlights going out.

The replay fixture saw fans who had tickets from December’s game enter the Sholing ground for free.

With fans being let in for free it asks the question, how do they feel about the ticket pricing for non league games.

Most non league teams charge £10-15 for tickets which fans feel is a good substantial price for the quality non league provides.

Comparing it to the Premier League the average price for tickets is £40-55 which many fans feel is too overpriced.

Going down to Sholing before the game we asked fans if they felt non league tickets were a good price for them.

After gathering data we sat back in the gantry and enjoyed the long awaited clash.

Sholing unfortunately lost a 1-0 game with the goal coming from Trae Cook and also suffered a red card near the end of the game.

Sholing now sit in 12th place which is nine points off playoffs while Walton & Hersham sit 7th with four points off playoffs.

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