Red Bull’s Christian Horner faces independent inquiry over ‘inappropiate behaviour’

Christian Horner has today been involved with an investigation as to whether the allegations of inappropriate behaviour have any truth behind them.

An independent inquiry from a third-party legal representative will question Horner about the allegations on Friday.

Red Bull have so far given no indication of any plans to immediately remove Horner from his position as team principal and will wait until the report publishes its findings before making any judgements.

Horner has ben in his position as team principal of Red Bull racing since 2005 and has overseen their two eras of success.

Their first from 2010 to 2014 when Sebastian Vettel won four drivers and constructors championships in a row and again from 2020-2023 as Max Verstappen added another three drivers and two constructors titles to the collection.

It is not the first time controversy has arisen around Red Bull and Christian Horner after they were found guilty of breaching the budget cap in 2021. They were fined £7,000,000 and had 10% of their wind tunnel time taken as a punishment by the FIA.

These allegations differ in that the issue remains an in-house accusation and only Red Bull have the power to decide on what action is suitable for the next step.

Pre-season testing starts in Bahrain on the 21st of February, whilst the first race of the season, also in Bahrain, will take place a week later on the weekend of the 29th of February.

The reigning champions will be hoping that the controversy does not affect their season’s start and allow themselves to fall behind their rivals.