Lords Hill; Southampton’s friendliest Running Club

By Ethan Moss-Wills

LORDS Hill Running Club has been a pilar of the Southampton community since 1982 and now it provides a safe space for runners during the dark nights of winter.

Members of the club find themselves at the ground for a variety of reasons. For mother of two Louise Higgs, Lords Hill provides a safe environment for her to get some exercise and fresh air, something that can be so important for mental health.

Monday night at Lords Hill is a safe space for everyone, where newcomers are welcome to come and test themselves. The Club runs Endurance training, Hill runs and Strength and conditioning training, providing all the tools necessary for prospective runners.

Ben Havendale, has been a committee member for 4 years at Lords Hill helping to ensure a safe environment for runners in Southampton. He told us all about the schemes and training programme the club provides.