Log Lifting Championships roll into Southampton

By Joshua Stewart.

The SBD World Log Lifting Championships will come to Southampton on Saturday the 28th of October in Southampton.

Hosted at the Central Hall, the event will see people from countries all over the world such as Slovakia, Australia and the Czech Republic.

The competition has classes for both men and women, ranging from junior categories all the way to the open category.

The log lifting will be overseen by Zydrunas Savickas, four-time worlds strongest man and also the man who broke the world record for log lifting 16 consecutive times.

Unable to compete whilst still going through rehabilitation for an injury, Savickas will be hoping to ensure that new world records will be seen regardless this weekend.

Maris Juzups, from Latvia, is a current world record holder in the under 125kg class whist Czech athlete Ondrej Fojtu was the junior world record holder in the 206kg weight class.

With a prize of a £1000 pounds per broken world record, the incentive will be there for all competitors to not only go for the win but also to put their name down in the history books.

Savickas, also known as Big Z during his trophy-laden career, is eager to see the competition reach the heights he hopes it can but is also getting prepared for what he claims is one of the toughest roles in strongman competitions.

“Refereeing is the hardest part of the competition. I need to be fair for everyone and I hope  that it will mean that we will see a few world records.”

Southampton may not have many trees in the city centre but logs will be the theme of the day from midday as that is when Sivickas and his sporting competitors start their path towards making history.