Is Formula One becoming boring

Red Bull car driving around a circuit

MAX Verstappen’s celebrations were met with a ring of boos as he lifted his trophy on the top step of the podium following his 15th win this season.

Fans are clearly frustrated about the lack of competition at the front of the grid, which has made for a pretty dull and predictable season.

Despite nursing an issue with his brakes throughout the majority of the race, the Dutch driver crossed the line over 2 and a half seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton, who was later disqualified from the race, demonstrating Verstappen’s dominance further.

Although previous seasons were dominated by Mercedes between 2014-2020, this season feels different to fans, way more predictable than anything we have seen before.

With the rest of the grid being so close, it is frustrating to some fans having such an exciting middle order but none of them seem able to push on to challenge Verstappen in the long-run.

Rob, 19, expressed his concern that despite efforts to make the grid closer, seeing Verstappen fail, makes the race more fulfilling.

He said: “F1 is becoming boring, although they’ve introduced a budget cap and the championship in he bottom half is a lot more even, the top half this year is very Red Bull dominated.

“Max just wins it every week, it makes it boring, it’s exciting when he doesn’t finish on the podium which says it all.”

Former F1 driver and current TV Presenter Karun Chandhok spoke about introducing a regulation to help mix the grid up and keep teams thinking throughout the race.

He said: “I think we should have a regulation where they have to use all three tyre compounds in the race.

“I got a couple texts back from engineers in the pit lane, saying we couldn’t have done that in Miami because the soft tyre wasn’t good enough, but so what, it would have done 5 or 6 laps at some point, they all would have had to have used it, it would have jumbled things up around the pit-stops,

“I still haven’t understood why it hasn’t happened, whenever you talk to someone in F1 or the FIA, they say that’s an interesting idea, we should look into that.”

F1 go to Mexico next week, fans will be hopeful there’s going to be a fight for the race win.

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