A rookie’s experience at the Solent Ravens open cheerleading session

SOLENT Ravens hosted an open session – turned in to a, bring a friend to cheer – to encourage more people to give cheerleading a go.

The session, which only cost £3 to enter, saw a whole load of new people show up and partake in a sport they have never ventured in before.

One of those was, Sports journalism student Freddie Dorman came along to the session not knowing what to expect and left wanting to come again.

He said: “I’d definitely go again; I’m built for cheerleading! It’s been really good, I’d definitely come again, but I don’t know if this is a one off or not.

“It’s a Sunday night, not much to do, all the football has finished, I thought I’d give something a go, all the boys from my flat have gone, we got split up but it’s actually been quite fun, so it was good!”

The warm-up definitely caught Freddie by surprise, with it being a lot more intense than he was expecting.

Freddie said: “That was not a warm-up, that was a full 90 minutes, that was horrible, you can tell I haven’t done cardio in a while, I don’t know how they do it, but it was really good.”

With the session receiving only positive feedback, it’s likely that in the future we could see a similar sitting again.

Watch the cheerleading package here!