How difficult is the VO2 max test

Piran Phillips is preparing himself for the vo2 max test.

THE vo2 max test is widely known as the hardest test an athlete can take as it determines how much oxygen a person can take while exercising.

This test is traditionally done on either a treadmill or bike as the resistance is gradually increased in order to make it more difficult.

Reporter Piran Phillips took on this test and said “I reached my vo2 max and it was like i had fallen off a cliff.”

He had taken the test at the Solent University sports complex under with the help of sport scientist Scott Barnett.

Phillips, who is traditionally living his life on the water, performed this test on the bike plateaued once reaching his max and was unable to maintain it largely due to what is an unusual sporting movement for him.

Watch below for more details on the test and to see how Phillips performed on this test.