How Damian Lillard’s three point mastery will change the Milwaukee Bucks

This summer the Milwaukee Bucks shocked the NBA franchise when they secured the trade of Damian Lillard from the Portland Trailblazers becoming even more of a powerhouse than they were before.

Lillard will be linking up with two time NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has been the face of their franchise for the last ten years.

The 33-year-old’s arrival means that the “Greek Freak” will have a chance to create a dynamic duo bond a 3-point marksman but more than that, a shot at giving him his second ring and helping Lillard strive towards his first.

For Lillard, the trade will feel like a breath of fresh air as he has struggled to find a partner that he can go the next level with, despite playing with the likes of Carmelo Anthony and LaMarcus Aldridge.

The future hall of fame star only ever managed to reach the Western Conference Finals once with the Trailblazers and has never made an NBA Finals appearance.

So this season the Oakland born point guard will do all he can to help the Bucks reach the summit and adding his play style to Adrian Griffin’s side gives them a very good chance of doing this.

The ability to move the ball into a deep 3-point range has been something that has lacked in the Buck’s offense for many years now.

However, with Lillard’s addition, it will allow the Bucks to change the geometry of their attacking plays completely.

Last season, Lillard attempted 117 3-Pointers from 30 or more feet away from the baskets which is more than any player, according to Stathead.

Among the players that attempted 50 or more 3-pointers last season, Lillard recorded the recorded the longest average 3-point attempt distance in the NBA at 27.67 feet.

his average 3-pointer was more than two feet deeper than new Bucks teammate Khris Middleton (25.77 feet) and over a foot deeper than former Bucks point guard Jrue Holiday (26.51 feet) last season.

Ultimately, opposition defenses will have a tougher challenge at cancelling out the Bucks due to how they now have two strong options and play styles they can revert to.

For the last five years, defence have made the key focus on slowing Antetokounmpo down to the rim and have done this by building a strong line of defence in front of it.

Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo in a pre-season match against the LA Lakers early this morning. (image from cbs sports)

Now though, they have Lillard to worry about up the court as when he steps past half-court, alarm bells ring, making it harder for the opposition to lock the rim down.

Therefore, he changes the dynamic of the Bucks and the whole defence style of teams needed when facing Milwaukee.

Lillard’s penetration past the half-court mark will allow space for “The Greek Freak” to take advantage and get into the paint.

Likewise, Antetokounmpo’s movement on the ball will attract defenders allowing other team mates to perform pick and roll’s in order to get Lillard an open look at the basket.

The NBA will witness Bucks magic this year with this pairing, and they will most definitely be favourites to lift the Larry O’Brian trophy once more.