Controversy strikes from Wimbledon expansion plans.

WIMBLEDON plans to expand the famous old ground by adding an 8’000 seater arena and 39 new tennis courts despite controversy from locals.

The All England Club (AELTC) has been given permission by Merton Council to build a large expansion of up to 39 new courts onto the former Wimbledon Park Golf Club.

The AELTC plan to move forward with the proposal but as new challenges have risen from this expansion by locals its not looking as easy as they thought.

Planning officers have advised the AELTC that there could be damaged to the land from this proposal but have allowed it due to “special circumstances” where there would be “substantial public health benefits would clearly out-way {the} harm”.

A petition which was set up by the group Save Wimbledon Park, has reached over 13,000 signatures from locals and environmentalists who want to save the green space.

Merton’s council have received 894 complaints about the expansion which has added pressure to the council about the project.

There are also concerns about traffic in the area with the new wave of people who would be coming into the new complex, with the roads stretched already, locals dont think the roads could handle the new load of people.

As the development is on open metropolis land, it has be to approved or denied by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who will have the final say on the matter.