Broncos’ Jerry Jeudy tries to get a saddle on his future

By Joshua Stewart

Twitter: @JoshStewart47

The trade deadline for the NFL is the 31st of October, meaning any business to be done will have to be completed quickly as Sean Paynton appears willing to trade his player and a chance at redeeming this season for a chance to secure a better future for his franchise.

Jeudy was selected as the 15th overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft by the Broncos but hasn’t quite reached the heights expected of him in that time.

A good rookie year of 856 yards but only three touchdowns seemed a good base for the young former Alabama player, especially when he was paired with struggling quarterback Drew Lock.

Injuries disrupted his next year as he only played 10 games and didn’t even reach 500 receiving yards.

It seemed that the arrival of veteran and previous Super Bowl winner Russell Wilson would allow Jeudy to grow, and strong arguments could be made that that prediction came true. Six touchdowns and 972 yards was Jeudy’s best ever year.

Few would have predicted that after six games, Jeudy and his quarterback would have just one win and Jeudy would be without a touchdown.

With trade rumours abound, a rocky start to the new season, and a coach that doesn’t seem to mind if he goes, Jeudy came under more media attention as famed former wide receiver Steve Smith Sr., who has the eighth most receiving yards in NFL history has called Jeudy a ‘JAG’, or “Just Another Guy’.

Talking on the NFL Network, Smith went further after being snubbed by Jeudy and suggested that no team should trade for him as he would be ‘mentally unable to handle any constructive criticism from people who watch specifically to see if you can be a wide receiver. He is a tier three.’

With criticism coming from outside his club, and little support coming from inside, is it time for Jeudy to move on and prove that he is the player that the Broncos thought he was on draft night back in 2020?

If Jeudy was to move, two questions become immediately apparent, how much is he worth and who would be willing to meet the price tag.

Th New York Giants and New England Patriots both have quarterbacks who are desperate for better, or just new, receiving options but they also have other areas to address in the squad, and to sign just one player with a draft pick that could bring in someone as good but younger and perhaps in a more needed position doesn’t make the most sense.

However, the desperation of trying to rescue their seasons could force their hand.

Jeudy can only wait to see where his future lies as the media and league alike wait to see who will make a move.