Boston Celtics clinch playoffs spot early in the season

The Celtics have secured their spot in the NBA playoffs with 20 games still to play.

Their 127-112 win last night against the Phoenix Suns sealed the deal.

Helped by Jaylen Browns 37 points, they managed to shut out the deadly trio of former MVP Kevin Durant, Devon Booker and Bradley Beal.

Currently sitting 1st in the east conference with a record of 52 wins and only 14 losses,

9 wins more than any other team in the east.

The Celtics close rivals, the Philadelphia 76ers lost last night to the second seeded Milwaukee Bucks meant that its mathematically impossible for this Boston side to fall out of playoffs and behind the Sixers.

Brown has had a big part in the Celtics recent success, averaging 29 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists since the All Star weekend.

Leading his team and living up to his massive contract extension, given at the start of the season making him the highest paid athlete in the association.

Last season the Celtics crashed out of the playoffs due to failing to complete their 3-0 down comeback,

only managing to get to 3-3 in the series against the Miami Heat, in the eastern conference finals.

This year they will be hoping to win a ring in the NBA finals, they have the best record in the entire NBA,

but have a struggling track record against the top teams in the western side of the competition.