Australia’s Exclusive World Championship Double

AUSTRALIA’S Cory Hill claimed a third World title at the ICF Ocean Racing World Championship in Perth, Western Australia.

Hank McGregor and Joshua Fenn from South Africa completed the podium of the men’s race.

Perth’s Strong wind and high temperatures meant perfect conditions, therefore it was the fastest championships of the last five years.

Gemma Smith from Australia won the women’s race, in addition she became the first female to win back-to-back world championship titles.

The South African’s completed the podium again, Michelle Burn finished second and Kira Bester third.

Albeit a small team of 10, Great Britain claimed one gold medal, Jonathan White and Jim Taylor-Ross in the Para Doubles.

Taylor-Ross has a fully able body, however White only has one limb, his left arm

White stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan while serving as a Royal Marine in 2010, consequently losing his right arm and both his legs.

Great Britain’s Jim Taylor-Ross (Left) and Jonathon White (Right)

Despite winning the gold medal, White said: “Me and Jim [Taylor-Ross] had never paddled the double ski we were on, hence why we were really uncomfortable.”

Nevertheless the British pair stormed to victory by over 20 minutes ahead of the Brazilians.

Spain’s Judit Verges Xifra and Walter Bouzan won the mixed doubles world championships in a dominant display by two minutes.

World Championship
Spain’s Judit Verges Xifra (Left) and Walter Bouzan (Right) after the doubles World Championship

It was the largest ocean racing competition ever with over 700 athletes, although nearly 400 of those athletes were Australian.

The 2024 ICF Ocean Racing World Championships will be held on the Portuguese island of Madeira in October.