A players worst nightmare.

INJURY can be a players worst nightmare as it can completely derail their whole career in a split second.

I spoke to former scholarship contender and academy player Josh Pourzanjani about his issues with his knee injuries and how it derailed his chances of getting a scholarship to the united states to play football. He argued that the physio and coaches were not understandable enough to his injuries and if they were his knees wouldn’t be as severe as they are today.

Ex England and premier league midfielder Jack Wilshire has struggled since an early age of 19 with on going ankle injuries.

Wilshire had a historic game against Barcelona at 19 for Barcelona where after the game most football fans around the world thought he would go on to be the next best thing for English football .

Unfortunately due to injury that wasn’t the case and the quick rise and fall took a toll on Wilshire as he turned to alcohol and cigarettes.

Injury will always be a problem in sport in general as there is no real way to take it out however he backlash on your mental health from being at the top of your game and crashing down to not being able to play again is a serious issue.

nearly all professional clubs have an onsite physiotherapist now however in my opinion it will it an academy player just as bad if not worse if a career ending injury takes place.

by Billy Hunter